Author Topic: Thigh reduction for men and women  (Read 371 times)


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Thigh reduction for men and women
« on: September 22, 2017, 02:27:37 PM »
Don't suppose anyone knows of any sure-fire, easy ways to reduce men's and women's thighs do they?

Steve has lost about a stone in 2 months but still relies upon clothes that are now 2 sizes too big for him because he can only get 7XL clothes halfway up his thighs.

Tops are no problem - he's down to 6XL with those already just by cutting out constant junk food every day... it really is just his thighs that are stopping him from being the new size he should be now.

It's the same with me.

I'm losing my belly slowly but surely but keep splitting the seams of my knickers when I try and get them over my thighs.

I can only walk to the end of the street with my quad cane and Steve uses a zimmer frame to help him to walk too so going to the gym is a definite no-no and neither of us can walk very far.

After doing a bit of quick research online it seems to suggest that the only exercise to lose your thigh size is having your feet shoulder width apart, back against a wall then using the wall to go up and down.

Usually that wouldn't be a problem, but I wouldn't even be able to do one without falling to the floor and not being able to get up and there just isn't enough room anywhere downstairs for Steve to try it.

So, any suggestions for non-cosmetic surgery ways to reduce the size of our thighs please?

Thank you!
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