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Fun Stuff / Re: Simple word game
« Last post by stewart on September 22, 2017, 06:32:49 PM »
Fun Stuff / Re: Keep A Word, Drop A Word, Add A Word
« Last post by stewart on September 22, 2017, 06:31:54 PM »
smoke pot

only know a few words in German Amanda
Fun Stuff / Re: Use the last two letters to make next word
« Last post by stewart on September 22, 2017, 06:30:04 PM »
Fun Stuff / Re: Word Association
« Last post by stewart on September 22, 2017, 06:29:18 PM »
General Health / Thigh reduction for men and women
« Last post by Amanda_George on September 22, 2017, 02:27:37 PM »
Don't suppose anyone knows of any sure-fire, easy ways to reduce men's and women's thighs do they?

Steve has lost about a stone in 2 months but still relies upon clothes that are now 2 sizes too big for him because he can only get 7XL clothes halfway up his thighs.

Tops are no problem - he's down to 6XL with those already just by cutting out constant junk food every day... it really is just his thighs that are stopping him from being the new size he should be now.

It's the same with me.

I'm losing my belly slowly but surely but keep splitting the seams of my knickers when I try and get them over my thighs.

I can only walk to the end of the street with my quad cane and Steve uses a zimmer frame to help him to walk too so going to the gym is a definite no-no and neither of us can walk very far.

After doing a bit of quick research online it seems to suggest that the only exercise to lose your thigh size is having your feet shoulder width apart, back against a wall then using the wall to go up and down.

Usually that wouldn't be a problem, but I wouldn't even be able to do one without falling to the floor and not being able to get up and there just isn't enough room anywhere downstairs for Steve to try it.

So, any suggestions for non-cosmetic surgery ways to reduce the size of our thighs please?

Thank you!
Pagan/Heathen / Mabon
« Last post by Amanda_George on September 22, 2017, 09:02:06 AM »
I hope any fellow Pagan's who celebrate it have a blessed Mabon today!
The Lounge / Re: Members birthdays
« Last post by Amanda_George on September 22, 2017, 08:49:34 AM »
It's isserley's special day today!

bday1 isserley!
Christian / Re: Devotional
« Last post by Pip on September 19, 2017, 10:34:23 PM »

April 11, 2017
When You’ve Failed and Bailed
Sharon Jaynes

Today’s Truth

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness (Lamentations 3:22-23 ESV)

Friend to Friend

I just love Moses. I can relate to him on so many levels.  For about forty years, he thought he was an Egyptian the son of the Pharaoh’s daughter. But somehow he discovered that he was NOT an Egyptian after all. He was a Hebrew, the son of a slave woman and that changed everything.  Moses had a mid-life crisis and came up with a plan to save his true people from Egyptian slavery. God did not call him to this plan. He came up with it all on his own. (Red flag for all of us.)  One day Moses was walking among his people and he saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew slave. Glancing first one way and then another to make sure no one was looking, Moses killed the Egyptian and hid him in the sand. One down. Several million to go. Moses was working the plan.  The next day, Moses was out walking among his people and saw two Hebrews fighting. He asked the one in the wrong, “Why are you hitting your fellow Hebrew?”

The man said, “Who made you ruler and judge over us? Are you thinking of killing me as you killed the Egyptian?”

Moses realized what he had done was widely known. The Pharaoh was out to kill him, and his fellow Hebrews mocked him. So he failed and he bailed.  Moses fled to a place called Midian, married a gal named Zipporah, and joined the family business taking care of sheep. The next time we see Moses, forty years have passed; he is now 80 years old and he is stuck. Oh, sister, I’ve been there. Have you?

Moses was stuck in Midian and held hostage by his failures. He had settled for less than what he was made for. Less than what God had prepared him for. Less than what he had hoped for in himself. And there he stayed.  This is where many people drive their tent stakes in the ground and settle. They make a mistake, fall flat on their face, and run away to the far side of the wilderness, hoping no one will notice. Praying everyone will just leave him or her alone, at the same time, absolutely miserable that life has morphed into a monotonous, lackluster checklist. Like Moses, many bury their hopes and dreams to protect their hearts from further disappointment.  But that’s not where God wants you to stay. We all fail. We all make mistakes. Peter did. Moses did. Jacob did. Samson did. David did. But just because you failed does not mean you ARE a failure. You are a child of God who makes mistakes.  God wasn’t finished with Moses and He’s not finished with you or me. He has a plan a good and perfect plan.  So if you feel stuck if you’ve failed and bailed to your far side of the wilderness it’s time to get unstuck and move forward. God has burning bushes all around. This could be one right now. He’s calling you to let go of your failure, move forward in all that He has for you to do, and live bold.  Come on. Let’s do it together! He’s calling your name.
Fun Stuff / Re: Feel Better Now
« Last post by Amanda_George on September 17, 2017, 02:02:06 PM »
 :confused0062: lol
Fun Stuff / Re: Dr Dr Jokes....add em as you find em :)
« Last post by Amanda_George on September 17, 2017, 01:55:14 PM »
They aren't getting any better, Stewart!   :P
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