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Hi everyone I have contamination ocd with is basically my fear or germs. I find that i have periods where i dont think about it as much and very bad periods where it takes over my hole life. it does seem that the more depressed i get the worse i get. if people allow me to do it and assist me this means i have reletively low anxiety but still depression. I find I get severe anxiety the more people go against me. I see no end in this problem. at my worst i had a bsth 3 times a day would wash my hands up to 200 times a day a open door handles with tissues ect i have found ways to reduce the amount over time by trying to do things i see as "dirty" in order of how i see them. but basically everyone just thinks im weird. i feel trapped inside my thoughts.  :(


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I do see an end to your problems.

You clearly need CBT and you need to begin exposure therapies if you havn't already. By performing the compulsions such as hand washing etc, you are reinforing the illogical thought process and you are feeding the anxiety. The more you perform the compulsions the longer your OCD will persist. It will not get any better until you begin to start exposing yourself to your fears.

Unfortunatly, exposing your self is very scary and often overwhelming. However, with repeated exposure the anxiety will lessen and you will gradually get your life back.

I had bad OCD and now it is down to an absolute minimum, so I feel for you. It seems like an impossible mountain to climb, but it is infact do-able.

You can break free from this I promise you. Have you had any CBT or on you are a waiting list?

Love Steven XXXX