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David Peters:
Hello everyone

I'm after feedback regarding S.A.D lamps. Has anyone here used one before? if so what's your experience been like?

I suffer from Depression all year round but also experience SAD as well, and thinking of investing in a SAD Lamp.

Many thanks


I hope someone who has used a S.A.D. lamp responds as I haven't used one even though I suffer with it.  My problem is I don't sleep well anyway and it irritates me when my husband puts the hallway light on to go to the bathroom.  He doesn't like the dark so I tend to take a breathe and not say anything.

Welcome along, David.

I used an SAD lamp for a while but it didn't really help me, so maybe I gave up too soon?  Maybe ask your doc about trying 5-HTP - it works within minutes and you can take the one I use up to 3 times a day, but I've found that one single dose works for about 2-3 days for me.  Check with your doc before you try them though 'cos they interact with certain prescriptions and illnesses.

David Peters:
Thank you for your reply. I've heard of 5HTP and it's available here in the UK without a prescription however my GP and mental health team are against the use of any other supplements/herbs while on antidepressants. What I'm wondering now is whether it is best to come off the meds and try something like 5HTP or stay as I am which is increasingly getting worst. The problem is there's no one here who would support me if I go down the 5HTP etc route. 

stuck, confused and lost at the moment..


It has to be your decision, but it was a CPN that suggested the 5-HTP to me when I had to come off the Citalopram because of an allergen in the new recipe, but I couldn't be without it now.

It's very sensible that your MH team don't want you to take it while you're still taking the ADs... my team didn't even mention it while I was on the Citalopram, but since stopping it and getting the Citalopram out of my system, it really has saved my life.

I was on the Citalopram for about 20 years and it didn't help me at all and my MH team didn't believe me so I had to keep taking it and living with the suicidal ideation and attempts.  Right from the very first pill of the 5-HTP I haven't been that low at all... as soon as I feel my mood plummeting, I pop a 5-HTP and within minutes my mood has lifted and I'm back to being the person that I should be again.

You know you better than anyone - be honest with your team but please do NOT take ADs at the same time as 5-HTP.


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