Author Topic: Disabled Girl, 18, Hanged Herself To Death After Bullies Threatened Her To Roll  (Read 179 times)


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By  PRABIT2020

November 9, 2019 5:40 am EST
Modified date: November 9, 2019 5:40 am EST
Disabled Girl, 18, Hanged Herself To Death After Bullies Threatened Her To Roll Her Off A Mountain

A paraplegic teen killed herself after bullies disgraced her as a ‘vegetable’ and said that ‘We should throw her off a mountain and kill her.’

The horrific posts made 18-year-old wheelchair user Maya Corral to hang herself to death at her residence in Tuscon, Arizona, on August 24.  Writing online, the bullies stated that after rolling her off a mountain, they would ‘kick her while she is dead. And then we would party.’

High school senior Maya Corral was paralyzed after being included in a car crash as a baby and had handled a wheelchair from when she was old enough to do so.  She was given a $2.7million compensation by the car seat manufacturer, which she got when she turned 18.  The 18-year-old then used some of the money to buy a $500,000 house, which her mother Diana said quickly led to jealous remarks from bullies.  Maya’s mother found Maya’s dead body, she said that “My daughter was bullied so much that she committed suicide”

“(The payout) made out a lot of bad people. Her money made out kids that were posing to be her friend but just using her and my daughter did not know.”

“Maya never had (so many) friends like that.”

Diana states that how Maya had sent stricken texts to her numerous friends in the hours before her death but told that none of her friends replied.  She assumes that with greater support from her so-called friends, that Maya’s death could have been avoided.  Diana described that  “It makes me angry and it hurts me that she probably sat in the closest waiting to see who would come to rescue her.”

”And nobody did.”

The stricken mother now intends to press charges against the bullies she blames for her daughter suicide.  Arizona anti-bullying rules do not include cyber-bullying, but Diana may be able to use present harassment statutes to bring her daughter’s torturers to justice.  “Please modify your ways as your actions are ugly,” Diana states that.

“And I do not want any other child to be destroyed by your words the way my daughter was.”

“Keep your bad comments to yourself. If you do not like someone then simply leave them alone.