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Olanzapine doses
« on: February 03, 2019, 03:52:04 PM »
I know you aren't medical bods and you can't give medical advice and that I should talk to my GP about it, but the surgery ain't open on a Sunday evening and I can almost guarantee that I'll forget tomorrow and promise that I won't mess with me meds until I've spoken to the doc.  I'm just after some peer to peer advice is all.

I take 10mg of Olanzapine every night.  It works well for me but I'd like to reduce it a bit more if I can 'cos while I haven't had a psychotic episode I do still occasionally get slightly paranoid which has always been my warning klaxon for the start of a psychotic episode.

What's the next dose down from 10mg in a single tablet please?  Is there a 7.5mg one or does it just go down to 5mg?  Is the only way to get 7.5mg in two tablets (5mg and 2.5mg) please?  I still need to take it and I think 5mg just wouldn't be quite enough to keep the psychosis totally at bay, especially when I get paranoid, but I'd like to reduce the dose again just to see if I cope OK with it.

Any ideas?  Please?

Thank you!
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