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Weight loss exercises
« on: December 19, 2017, 12:31:50 PM »
Other than weights, walking and sit ups, is there any other way to reduce flabby skin as you lose weight please?

Steve is clinically obese and I'm overweight but we are both losing weight slowly but surely.

I walk our pup every morning and Steve walks to the end of our little road and back twice a week when he goes to see the nurse to get his bandages changed.

Is there anything we can both do sitting down to reduce our flabby bellies please?  I'm gently encouraging Steve to join me and the pup on our morning walks 'cos they only last for 15 minutes and it's doing wonders for my mood (no sign of SAD for me yet this year!) but other than what we already do, is there anything we can do gently at home to stop us from getting flabby bellies when we are at the recommended weight for both of us please?

Thank you!
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