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5 years ago today


Five years ago today, my mum phoned me to let me know my father had died of cancer.

I've just told Steve and he said it's flown by.

Five years ago on Saturday we went to the Dogs Trust and said we wanted our pup.

Five years ago on Monday we went to my dad's funeral.

Two weeks after that, we brought Mitzi home!

She's definitely helped with my grief over the last 5 years!

Yes pets really do help and they are cleverer than non people realize.

We have always had pets from when we moved in together, shortly before we got married.   Our first dog, Bouncer, was funny but clever with it.  When we used to say "Where's Grandma?" when we were on route to Rick's mum's flat he would pull ahead and went straight there.  When we took Bouncer to my parents home the first time my mum fell in love with him as he was still a fluffy ball of chocolate brown with a white chest and paws.  My mum broke a dog biscuit in two and gave them to him.  After that every time my mum gave Bouncer a biscuit he would chuck it back at her until she broke it in halve.  Bouncer only ever did this with my mum which was comical and we could only assume he thought it was a great game he had with my mum. 

It sounds like Bouncer was a real character with a huge personality!  I wouldn't be without Mitzi now - she's got an amazing personality too and has got us both wound around her little paws and got us both trained now!  lol

Oh yes dogs are good at doing that and all the dogs we had knew how to get round us.  My problem with each one of them as puppies licked my chin and that is the quickest way to win me round.

We had a standard poodle who was about 4 or 5 years younger than Bouncer and he got her trained up as she would copy whatever he did.  Bonnie was very agile as well - she would jump over low gates and fences, and, would walk along walls.  She could be a bit embarrassing as she would jump up at people and with people we saw regularly we told them to turn sideway then she wouldn't jump up.  Bonnie's best friend was a yorkie called Scamp who was owned by an elderly lady.  She liked seeing us as it meant we could sit and chat while the three dogs played.  The daft dog was scared of big dogs even though she was big and was scared of trolleys.  There was an occasion when Bonnie refused to walk as a fisherman went past us with a trolley.

We got Bruno when Bouncer was coming up for 10 and Bonnie was about 5 years old.  He was comical as he would copy the cats in doing things such as sleeping on my pillows and on the back of my chair.  Bruno wouldn't move at all if I was asleep.  Going to the toilet which was seperate to the bathroom was a bundle of laughs as Bruno, who was my little shadow all of his life, would insist on going with me so couldn't close the door.  It was lovely to move into a house with the toilet in the bathroom.

We got Chyna, rottweiler about 18 months later.  She would wake me up at 2 am and 5 am to be let out to do her business although she could be annoying as I had to carry her until she got the knack of stairs.  For a few weeks Chyna would go from one bowl to the next eating a bit out of each of them until she understood she had her own bowl.  Before we had her a bowl was put down for ten surviving puppies of 12.  Chyna wouldn't move indoors unless she absolutely had to unless it was going out for food, water or a walk.  She was another one that thought it was perfectly okay to jump up at men and slobber. It was quite funny at times as well as emabarressing as people were too scared to move until they realized she was like a friendly overgrown puppy.

It's Mitzi's pleading eyes that get to me... they are just so big, brown and pleading every time she looks at me!  lol  It sounds like all your dogs knew how to wind you around their paws too!  lol


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