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I've come onto this forum as i spotted Michael Frankum was a highly active member and must of had some friends on here.

Quoted from local paper.

"Died suddenly on 27th November 2013, at home, aged 55 years.  Dearly loved son, brother and friend.  Will be sadly missed.  Funeral service at Reading Crematorium, West chapel on Tuesday 17th December at 11.15am.  Family flowers only please.  Donations for the British Heart foundation and the cats protection league may be made via www.memorygiving.com/michaelfrankum "

May he rest in peace.

Thank you for letting us know.  I was worried because I sent Michael an email on the 1st December and normally he would respond quite quickly.  What's happening to his cat Chloe?  Is his brother going to keep her? 

I'm going to miss him even though we had never met as he was very supportive to members here despite his own health problems.

I'm sorry but i don't know anymore information than what I've shared.  It only came to light when we saw the memorial in the paper.
I did a name search on him on the net to see if I could find anymore information myself and found this site.  I saw that he had lots of posts and figured he had friends here.  I assumed that internet friends wouldn't of got the news as one of his close friends in Reading didn't know until we passed it on after spotting the memorial.
Myself having friends online I would want them to know if something had happened to me so I took it upon myself to do this last thing for him.

Thank you and I really do appreciate it as Micheal was popular here so he will be missed.  I know Michael had let his brother look after Chloe because of his health as he had emailed me privately.  I suspect his brother still has his cat.  My husband and I have been having a chat over donating money through the site you posted as he was such a good friend to me. 

Rest in peace Michael. You were such a wonderful man.

S x


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