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Hi All,

I found this personality disorder test online. I really don't think it will diagnose anything but I just thought it would be interesting for people wondering if they may have a personality disorder and also see if results match anyone who has been diagnosed with a pd. Here it is: http://similarminds.com/personality_disorder.html

here are my results. The second number is the average score from people who take the test:

Paranoid    ||||||||||||    50%    50%
Schizoid    ||||||    26%    40%
Schizotypal    ||||||||||||    42%    56%
Antisocial    ||||||    30%    46%
Borderline    ||||||||||||    50%    45%
Histrionic    ||||||||||||||||||||    90%    35%
Narcissistic    ||||||    30%    40%
Avoidant    ||||||||||||    46%    48%
Dependent    ||||||||||||||    58%    44%
Obsessive-Compulsive    ||||||||||||||    58%    45% 

Mine  :-\

Paranoid                   ||||||||||||||||   62%   50%
Schizoid                   ||||||                   30%   40%
Schizotypal                   ||||||||||||           46%   56%
Antisocial                   ||||||||||           34%   46%
Borderline                   ||||||||||||||||||||90%   45%
Histrionic                   ||||||                   22%   35%
Narcissistic                   ||||||                   26%   40%
Avoidant                   ||||||||||||||||   70%   48%
Dependent                   ||||||||||||||||   70%   44%
Obsessive-Compulsive   ||||||||||           34%   45%

Hi Nay,

That's the Highest score I've ever seen for borderline. Remember though this is just an internet quiz and not a diagnosis.

Have you ever been diagnosed with anything?

Just depression. CMHT refuse to help me and say I just need to get out more and make some friends. They also said in their report that I showed 'no suicidal ideation', even though I have overdosed twice and told them I had suicidal thoughts pretty much all the time.

Sorry to hear about this, it seems to be the same old story. I think the first thing people who go into mental health service should do it take an empathy test, I swear most of them would fail. My G.P. is the same, makes me feel invisible when I'm in the room with her.

I can't believe the advice they gave you about getting out more and making new friends. That's got to be one of the last things on your mind when your moods low.

I can't understand why they would play down a suicide attempt? It sounds like you are screaming out for help and its getting plated down constantly.


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