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Touched by Adoption
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Touched By Adoption exists for the purpose of education, and cross triad communication. To this end, we provide information about all facets of adoption. For some, adoption is an experience of joyous celebration. For others, adoption is rife with grief and pain. Most who are touched by adoption fall somewhere in the middle.
Touched By Adoption does not represent either a pro or an anti adoption stance. Our intention instead is to offer a glimpse into the stories and personal truths of those touched by adoption, whatever they may be.
The articles, posts and forum discussions you will find through this site represent the opinions of the individual authors. We are each responsible for our own statements - no one person represents the totality of the Touched By Adoption position regarding adoption. We provide links to other sites for the purpose of educational resources only. Inclusion or exclusion of a link to any website does not constitute an endorsement or condemnation of that site or that site’s position on adoption. We include links to sites whose positions on adoption topics directly conflict with our stated mission for the purpose of providing insight into the varied and contrasting opinions held about adoption.