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Title: Gardening is worth it in the end
Post by: Amanda_George on April 27, 2019, 11:34:45 AM
When we bought our house 20 and a bit years ago, we inherrited a butterfly bush under the kitchen window and a rose bush on the other side of the yard.

We've done literally nothing with either of them over the last 20 years except the butterfly bush being cut back in an unwanted fit of frustration by my sister-in-law when she went through the entire house and binned literally everything except the pure essentials (cooker, washer/drier, microwave, a bed, TV etc) even my clothes were pretty much entirely binned, but that's a whole rant in itself.

Getting back to the point though, because of the weather last year and the warmer weather in the last few months, the butterfly bush exploded and went nuts so we borrowed a hand saw off Steve's dad and we worked as a team to cut it right back.  Most of it has gone now, we just need to wait for the leaves to die back so that we can see what we're doing with the rest of it.

I'm feeling really motivated now though and the kitchen is a lot brighter now that the window isn't grown over.

We're having another take-away for tea, but that's OK with me... we deserve it!

I dunno about the rest of you, but it's just the getting started that I find the hardest.  When I've found the motivation to start, I'm well away for a couple of hours until my body tells me to stop!  Same with the house, it's the getting started that's the hardest part, but when I've started, the motivation just becomes an ocean for me!
Title: Re: Gardening is worth it in the end
Post by: Pip on April 27, 2019, 09:42:30 PM
When we moved to our bungalow 5 1/2 we had a jungle in the back garden and the previous tenant had even dug up the grass.  The front garden was in a better state so whilst it has been hard work dealing with it we are getting there.  The HA were good enough to clear the back garden so we had a clean slate.  We are slowly getting there although we gave up on having a lawn and hope to have a patio eventually. 

When we moved here one of our two dogs was a bitch so she didn't help with the lawn as bitches urine is acidic.  When we went two years without dogs the lawn improved but then we got our very happy Cassie the Staffie so we got back to square one.
Title: Re: Gardening is worth it in the end
Post by: Amanda_George on April 28, 2019, 04:52:16 PM
There's no way we could keep up with looking after a lawn so we are glad it's just concrete out the back... makes for easier cleaning up after the pup too and we can move plants around in pots instead of having to dig them up and replanting them somewhere else, only to change our minds a week later lol